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Travelex currently offers a wide variety of services to airlines at many gateways around the globe. Our unrivalled experience in the concessionaire business allows Travelex to provide innovative solutions for any cash management challenges your business may have:


The ability to process all sterling and foreign exchange takings from flights:

  • Sterling cash will be sight checked on opening of bags and reconciled
  • Sterling cheques will be counted and reconciled
  • Sterling Travellers Cheques Counted and reconciled
  • Foreign Currency banknotes will be counted and reconciled
  • Foreign Currency Travellers Cheques will be counted reconciled
  • All reconciliation input directly on the Airlines own software system
  • Daily MI Reports
  • Funds credited by electronic payments
  • All Flight bags can be collected from crew rooms or designated place by Security Cash in Transit carrier
  • Travelex can manage all Security Cash in Transit collections
  • Unique network coverage of Airport locations


  • The opportunity to facilitate customer payouts through the Mastercard pre-paid Cash Passport currency card
  • collection of Excess Baggage charges and Excess Value charges
  • crew allowances – using Cash Passport
  • ticket sales cash processing
  • Exchange rate improvement on currencies purchased
  • refunding of tickets and Miscellaneous Charges Orders (MCOs)
  • payments for denied boarding and/or downgrade compensation
  • taking payment for cargo concessions
  • encashment of Petty Cash Vouchers from passengers and airport staff
  • encashment of Salary Advance Vouchers
  • processing composite reimbursements
  • exchanging foreign currency when required
  • emergency cash
  • duty travel funding
  • change on demand
  • registration, care (and subsequent cash processing if appropriate) of cash lost property found on aircraft
  • accepting Charity envelopes for processing
  • daily cash processing facilities
  • bank giro credits service
  • back office functions including reconciliation and General Ledger input
  • other accounting services, specifically document forwarding, document retention, query resolution, reimbursement schedule
  • Relationship management at a local and national Level
  • Joint promotions
  • Loyalty awards /points arranged with Airlines

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