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One-Off Purchases

The smart and simple way to make one-off purchases abroad

Travelex International Payments are here to help you pay for even the most lavish of purchases with ease.

Expert dealers are on hand to ensure you not only make the most of the International Payments Price Promise* but are also well equipped to take advantage of foreign exchange market fluctuations.

In fact, we can assist whether you are looking to make an international outright purchase to get the keys to a luxurious boat or house overseas, as well as pay for that wonderful piece of art that caught your eye.

The best value on the market guaranteed

Our excellent International Payments Price Promise enables you to receive the best deals when you transfer money abroad, thanks to our lowest price guarantee*.

Furthermore, register FREE today – just click here to get started – and our expert dealers will always be on hand to ensure you take advantage of any fluctuations on the foreign exchange market.

Keep track of your fixed payments overseas too

Don’t forget that Travelex International Payments also has a regular payments service, so that you can keep on track with your mortgage or support family abroad without any hassle.

*Click here for Price Promise terms and conditions.


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