Recommended Fees and Charges Tables

Prepaid Currency Cards

Initial fees Detail of costs
Card Purchase  
Additional Card Purchase  
Card Initial Load  
Card Reload  
Usage fees for transactions in foreign currencies  
Purchase transactions  
ATM cash withdrawals  
Usage costs for transactions in GBP  
 GBP Point of Sale transaction  
 GBP ATM withdrawal  
 Other Costs  
 Charge for ATM Balance Enquiry  
 Charge for PIN reissue  
Lost or Stolen card block fee  
Replacement card fee (if lost, stolen or damaged)  
Cashout fee over the phone  
Monthly /Annual Management  
Customer Service Telephone Enquiries  
Online Balance and Transaction Enquiries  
SMS Low Balance Alert  
Balance and Transaction Enquiry via SMS  
Dormancy Fee  
Dispute Administration  
Inactivity Fee  
Cash over the counter fee  
Negative Balance Fee  


Spend and Load Limits                                  
Spend Limits  
ATM Cash withdrawal over 24 hrs  
Purchase Amount over 24 hrs  
Cash over the counter limit  
Load Limits  
Minimum Load Amount  
Maximum Load Amount  
Maximum Card Balance  
Max Load Amount over 12 months across all your Travelex cards