Scots want Nessie on potential new currency

20 May 2013

• Scots polled on look of new money • Loch Ness Monster and Robert Burns favourites among Scots • Michelle McManus least favourite among Scots

Scots would like to see Robert Burns and the Loch Ness Monster on their banknotes should Scotland opt to leave the UK and move to a new currency, according to a study by Travelex.

Ahead of the Scottish referendum in 2014, the foreign exchange provider asked over 2,000 Scots which faces they would prefer to be printed on Scottish money if a new, independent Scotland decided to discard the Pound and set up a new currency.

A quarter of Scots said they would still like to see the national poet of Scotland on the front of the banknote. Meanwhile, one in ten voted for the mythical Loch Ness Monster to appear on the national currency.

Other popular faces to adorn the potential banknotes include sport stars such as Andy Murray and Alex Ferguson, as well as comedy star Eddie Izzard.

The global currency specialist also asked Scots who they would least like to see on the front of the banknote. Pop Idol singer Michelle McManus finished top of this list, with almost a quarter of Scots rejecting the 2003 show winner. One in ten Scots voted the 1980’s children’s TV hero, SuperGran, as being another famous face they would not like to see on their money. Other less popular choices also included former Scotland and Rangers footballer Ally McCoist, kids TV star Jimmy Krankie and chart-toppers The Proclaimers.

To show how the new currency could look if a new independent Scotland follows the wishes of its people, Travelex has recreated a mock-up of a new Scottish banknote, showing both Robert Burns and the Lock Ness Monster on the front.

Phil Turner of Travelex says: “A new, independent Scotland leaving the UK behind raises a number of questions about the implications for their currency. As the people of Scotland are deciding whether or not to leave the UK, we thought it would be interesting – and fun – to ask them what they would like a new currency to look like.

“Of course, it may never happen, meaning that the Loch Ness Monster on the front of a banknote may stay as mysterious as the monster’s real-life presence.”

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