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22 Jul 2015

1/3 of Brits exceed their holiday budgets when travelling abroad

New Money App from Travelex lets travellers see what other UK travellers typically spend on trips abroad and budget accordingly.

A third of Brits (31%) go over budget when travelling abroad, according to new research from Travelex.

The survey of 2,000 individuals who’ve travelled abroad in the past two years shows the challenges we face when budgeting for foreign travel. Thirty eight per cent of Brits have run out of currency while travelling abroad and 39% have had to whip out a bank card to cover unexpected costs.

Budgeting issues really do impact on how much we enjoy our holidays - 59% of Brits admit to not being fully sure about how to properly budget for a trip abroad, while 69% of us say that being able to budget more easily and effectively would let us enjoy our holidays more.

The Travelex Money App, Travelex’s latest digital product, is designed to help ease this stress, letting travellers see how much other British travellers have spent on average on trips to their destination.

And even better, it lets you define your approach to spending – so, for example, if you like to indulge you’ll see the average spend for people who do the same. It’s an easy way of budgeting, without the pain of spending hours trawling through travel websites hoping for mentions of how much they spent.

Once travellers have settled on their budget, they can then order the money through the app and have it delivered to the location of their choice – whether that’s their home, or Travelex store, including its stores in Heathrow and Manchester airports.

Sean Cornwell, chief digital officer at Travelex said: “The Travelex Money App puts the consumer first – making holiday travel less stressful, by letting travellers identify how much they’re likely to need before they go – meaning no more emergency cash withdrawals or whipping out the credit card to cover the final day.”

The app is free and can be downloaded today from the Android and iOS stores and for a limited time users can access Travelex’s most competitive exchange rate through the app.

To download the app or for more information please visit:

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