Brits are dreaming of New Zealand this Easter, but only 1 in 10 will get there

22 Mar 2016

With currencies outside Europe stronger against the GBP, new Travelex research finds the majority of Brits are looking to travel further afield this Easter to make the most of their money

Brits are looking to travel further afield this Easter, with the majority dreaming of going as far as New Zealand. In a survey commissioned by Travelex, New Zealand came out on top as the most desired holiday destination this Easter, with almost a third (31%) of Brits claiming they would love to visit the country.

The survey of 2,000 Brits revealed New Zealand won by a landslide, followed by Mexico with just 15% citing the exotic country as their dream destination. However, despite the British population wanting to travel further afield, the research finds that in reality, just 1 in 10 will actually experience a Kiwi adventure this month. Yet for those continually putting off their dream trip, it seems now is the time to visit with the British pound proving strong as exchange rates in New Zealand are on the rise (£1 = $2.04[1]).

Long-haul holidays vs ‘staycations’

The research also reveals that from those choosing to travel abroad this Easter, more than half are going further afield and leaving Europe, with destinations including Brazil, Cuba and South Africa in addition to New Zealand amongst the most popular. With the pound currently weak against the euro (£1 = €1.24[2]), it could be that Brits are travelling further afield to get more value for their money.

But for those that can’t make the long-distance trip, ‘staycations’ are proving to be the next best thing. According to the results of the survey, almost a quarter (24%) are opting to stay in the UK this Easter, perhaps again a reflection of the exchange rates as, even though Europe is just a hop and a skip away, they would rather stay put.

Below is a table outlining the top five destinations Brits would love to visit this Easter according to the survey results, as well as the current exchange rates and average daily expenditure, including accommodation, food, drink, transportation etc.



Exchange rate per 1 GBP

Average daily expenditure[3]


New Zealand

2.04 NZD




23.64 MXN




4.87 BRL



South Africa

21.26 ZAR




21.61 ARS



Why New Zealand?

According to the New Zealand government and Mercer’s 2015 Cost of Living survey[4], consumer goods are offered at very competitive prices. Auckland was ranked 61st in the world in terms of cost of living in 2015, far better than other major cities including London (12), New York (16), Sydney (31), Hong Kong (2) and Singapore (4).

The government’s Statistics Department has a publication called New Zealand in Profile which lists the prices of some common purchases in 2015:


Average price

Cost in pounds[5]







Fish and chips



Beer (400ml)




NZ$9.59 per gallon


Big Mac




Elvin Eldić, Head of Retail for Travelex UK  comments: “The pound has weakened considerably against a wide range of currencies in recent months, which means Brits will have to think more creatively about where to holiday next if they want to get more from their pounds. With sterling strong against currencies like the New Zealand dollar, the rand and the Mexican peso, it’s not surprising Brits are looking to make the most of their money and travel further afield. With so many of us dreaming of exotic trips to dream destinations like South Africa and New Zealand, perhaps now is the time to take advantage of the exchange rates and make our dreams a reality.”

Tips from Travelex this Easter

It is important, however, especially for tourists travelling to new and unfamiliar destinations, to read up on the area and remain safe at all times. In order to ensure the safety of Brits this holiday season, Travelex has compiled a handful of tips for travellers to keep their money safe this Easter:

  • Watch out for phone calls to your hotel room saying there’s a problem with your card.
  • When you take a taxi on holiday, don’t fall for the ‘taxi meter is broken’ trick. If this happens, change taxis!
  • Beware of being sold fake goods whilst shopping on holiday. Check your bag to ensure it is genuine.
  • Beware of people in fancy dress (particularly Times Square, NYC) who will offer to take a picture with your phone then ask for money.
  • Beware of ‘The Friendship Bracelet’ scammers on holiday who will put a bracelet on your wrist and demand payment.
  • When in Rome, beware of people offering to validate your ticket on the metro and asking for money – it’s free to do so!
  • Whilst eating out on holiday, don’t let the waiter/waitress walk off with your card. They could use it themselves for a scam or overcharge you considerably.

[1] Calculated using rates from on 18/03/2016

[2] Calculated using rates from on 18/03/2016

[3] Costs estimated by


[5] Calculated using rates from on 18/03/2016

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