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Brits are dreaming of New Zealand this Easter, but only 1 in 10 will get there

22 Mar 2016

With currencies outside Europe stronger against the GBP, new Travelex research finds the majority of Brits are looking to travel further afield this Easter to make the most of their money

85% of Brits demand adventure and discovery as holiday must-haves in 2016

20 Jan 2016

Holidaymakers choose exclusive experiences over all-inclusive trips and budget just under £1,000 per person for their main holiday this year, says new Travelex research

The true cost of international business travel

29 Sep 2015

It’s not just time and resources that get eaten up by international business travel; it’s a company’s budget, too. Here at Travelex, we conducted a survey of more than 1,000 workers who travel as part of their job and discovered that astonishing amounts get spent on trips to mix and mingle with overseas clients.

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Sterling looks good ahead of bank holiday

28 Aug 2015

The pound is still providing good value to Brits heading abroad this bank holiday weekend, despite sinking against the euro in recent weeks.

Travelex Travel Money App

22 Jul 2015

1/3 of Brits exceed their holiday budgets when travelling abroad New Money App from Travelex lets travellers see what other UK travellers typically spend on trips abroad and budget accordingly.

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