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The Travelex Buy Back Guarantee

We’ll buy back your leftover currency after your holiday, so that you don’t lose out on any unspent currency.

What is the Travelex Buy Back Guarantee?

Do you often find yourself with leftover currency at the end of your holiday? We’ve all been there! After all, it’s not always easy to know exactly how much travel money you need to take with you.

Here at Travelex, we pride ourselves on making your trip abroad as easy as possible, and our Buy Back Guarantee means that you’ll never have to leave your leftover currency sitting in your drawers waiting for your next holiday.

All you need to do is take out our Buy Back Guarantee when you buy your travel money and, after your trip, we’ll buy back your leftover currency from you at the very same exchange rate that you bought it for – and without any added commission!

What is the Travelex Buy Back Guarantee?

Our Buy Back Guarantee means that you can take as much travel money as you like with you on your holiday, without the worry of losing out on your pounds when you get back. What’s more, by exchanging all of your money in one transaction before you leave, you’re likely to save money from avoiding the potential fees and charges from converting more money abroad.

Benefits of our Buy Back Guarantee:

  1. It gives you peace of mind – Take enough cash with you to cover your whole trip abroad.
  2. It’s quick and simple Just tick the box to add it onto your order at the time of purchasing.
  3. It saves you money Save money when compared with exchanging back without the Buy Back Guarantee.
  4. You can lock in the rate Any exchange rate movements won’t leave you losing out.

Secure the value of your currency with our Buy Back Guarantee for only £3.99 online. It’s a small price to pay for your own peace of mind.

Click here for the Online Buy Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

The Travelex Buy Back Guarantee

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  • How does the Travelex Buy Back Guarantee work?

    If you choose to purchase our Buy Back Guarantee at the time of your order, here at Travelex we’ll buy back your foreign currency bank notes at the original exchange rate that you bought them from us at, and without any commission.

    To return your unused bank notes to one of our UK stores, you must bring your original Buy Back Guarantee receipt with you.

  • How long is the Buy Back Guarantee valid for?

    Our Buy Back Guarantee is valid for 45 days from the day of purchase

  • How can I purchase the Buy Back Guarantee?

    The Buy Back Guarantee can be purchased at the time of your travel money order for £3.99 online and also when you purchase your currency at any of our stores across the UK.

    Please note that our Buy Back Guarantee is currently only available for purchase of Foreign Currency.

  • Is the Buy Back Guarantee available for home delivery?

    Our Buy Back Guarantee is available for home delivery orders, but it must be redeemed in one of our UK stores.

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