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How far could you stretch £200 on a luxury filled 24 hours abroad?

The Mission

Three of our favourite bloggers were challenged to find the most luxurious experiences possible in 24 hours with a budget of just £200. Scroll down to read their blog, watch their videos and see photos from their trip. Tell us who you felt had the most luxurious time on our Twitter page - @TravelexUK

Here's the #Traveluxury24 challengers ....

Dan - Stockholm |

We sent Dan to the Swedish capital, Stockholm to see what luxury experiences he could find for just £200!

Dannielle - Hong Kong |

Dannielle headed to the Far East in search of luxury experiences that don't break the bank. See how she got on in Hong Kong!

Connie - Sofia |

Connie went in search of luxury food and drink in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia!