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Why travel is good for your health

Mind, body and soul…travelling might just be the answer!

It’s no secret travel has so many benefits to our health and wellbeing, but exactly what changes occur when you take a break from the nine to five in order to travel?

Travel relieves stress and boosts mental health

The most obvious and potentially most important health benefit of travelling is stress reduction. Traveling has the ability to take you out of our daily routine and into new surroundings and experiences and this can reset your body and mind.

Even planning a trip can have a fantastic effect on the body – it boosts happiness and feels rewarding. Not only does travel reduce stress but it expands the mind. Meeting new people and adapting to new situations makes one more globally and culturally aware. This keeps the mind sharp, increases creativity and helps with personal growth.

Travel whips us into shape

This truly depends on the nature of your travels and whether you’ll be indulging in three scoops of gelato a day. Regardless, travel can be an opportunity to escalate your fitness routines. While travelling we will generally be more active than sitting in an office chair all day. While touring Europe or visiting Disney World travelers can rack up as many as 20,000-30,000 steps per day. Activities like paddle boarding, hiking and swimming can help to boost fitness.

Travel improves sleep patterns

Poor sleep mixed with high stress is a toxic mixture for our mental state. The health detriments of poor sleep are varied, from irritability to poor cognitive performance and efficiency. It is recommended that adults sleep at least seven to seven and a half hours per night and this can be more easily achieved while traveling. In the Mediterranean you might even engage in an afternoon nap after lunch, also known as a Siesta.

It’s obvious that travel comes with a myriad of health benefits for the mind, body and soul, so what are you waiting for – it's time to book that holiday. Your health will thank you for it!