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Campaign for Clarity

Brits holidaying abroad will incur up to £100 million debit and credit card fees this summer, according to our recent research. A prepaid card could save a family of four around £70 in fees alone during a 10-day holiday, but there is still considerable confusion surrounding travel money plastic, and the majority of holidaymakers will be stung by fees and charges as they rely on credit and debit cards while abroad.

We understand you'd rather be choosing between beaches than worrying about your travel money, so we have launched our campaign for clarity to help you cut through the confusion when comparing prepaid cards. As part of this campaign we have:

  • Presented a new, standardised fees and charges table ensuring you know what you're paying
  • Approached the UK Card Association to recommend all prepaid providers adopt a standardised approach, to ensure consistency across the sector, and to help comparisons between providers
  • Added a new Glossary to our website to help you understand the terminology used

You can review our independent research of the leading credit, debit and prepaid card providers here.

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