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VAT Refunds

As a non-European visitor to the European Union you will pay VAT on most things you buy. The Retail Export Scheme allows you to claim a VAT Refund on most goods you intend to export from the European Union. You must export them by the last day of the third month following that in which the goods were purchased.

Should the retailer be part of the Retail Export Scheme they will give you a VAT Refund Document. This should be presented to Customs along with the goods when you finally leave the EU. Without a Customs Stamp the form will be invalid.

With the form properly validated you have a number of options. You can post it back to the retailer, return it to a VAT company (available if the retailer has outsourced this service), or should there be cash refund office at the departing airport, the refund can be made in cash.

Travelex acts as an agent for a number of Refund Agents, Global Blue and Premier being the major ones. Should their forms be presented at various Travelex locations at Heathrow Airport in the UK then they can be exchanged for cash instantly. A fee may be applied by the VAT Companies for cash refunds.

And now, take advantage of a 0% Commission when you exchange your VAT refunds to your home currency, no matter how much you transact!

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