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Offer prepaid currency cards for secure and convenient foreign exchange

Travelex Money Card

More and more travellers are looking for a secure alternative to travellers cheques that offers the convenience of cards. That’s where Travelex Money Card comes in.

Travelex Money Card is a prepaid Visa Electron currency card with PIN and signature protection. Available in US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds, you can sell and immediately load a consumer’s card with their holiday budget. Consumers can then use it a 1 million Visa ATMs and over 18 million retailers worldwide, so they don’t need to carry ID or find a bank that’s open or wait in a queue.

This gives you the ability to offer immediate foreign currency without holding cash on your premises. Once loaded the card has a three year life and with each load you will earn revenue as a percentage of the foreign exchange margin.

A great foreign exchange opportunity for you and your customers.

80% of UK travel money sales are Euros or US Dollars

A Great Product For You And Your Customers

Travelex Money Card offers you an extra revenue stream that is easy to sell alongside your existing products. With a higher Average Transaction Value this convenient and secure travel money product is also a great upselling opportunity.

No cash value, no risk - Travelex Money Card currency cards have no value until you load them so they are safer to stock than banknotes. They also take up much less space and instant loading gives you on demand foreign exchange capabilities with no risk.

We'll train your staff - An easy to use online system is used to load the cards, or order notes for next day delivery, with no need to install hardware or software.

Increase customer loyalty - Travelex Money Card can be reloaded so your revenue stream is refreshed every time they reload and increasing their loyalty to you.

Travelex Money Card is a prepaid Visa Electron card that can be used in 1 million Visa ATMs and with 18 million retailers worldwide.

Budget - Travelex Money Card offers complete peace of mind with no overdraft facility. Locked in exchange rates for Euros and US Dollars plus a flat ATM withdrawal fee.

Additional cards - Customers can request an additional card that accesses the same funds for security purposes, in case one is lost or stolen, or for a travel companion.

Global Emergency Assistance - This standard feature of Travelex Money Card offers travellers instant help day or night, wherever they are in the world including emergency cash.