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All about Cyprus currency

Everything you need to know about arranging your travel money for Cyprus.

What is the currency of Cyprus?

Since 1st January 2008, the euro has been the official currency of the Republic of Cyprus, replacing the Cypriot pound (also known as the lira) at a fixed rate of 0.585274 Cypriot pounds to 1 euro.

If you’ve still got some Cypriot pounds hanging around from a previous holiday, don’t worry because CYP banknotes will still be convertible at banks in Cyprus right up until 31 December 2017 – although you can’t still use them to buy things out and about.

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What is the currency of Cyprus?

What about Northern Cyprus?

Although not recognised internationally, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is recognised by Turkey as an independent state and uses the Turkish lira as its official currency. Since it’s outside of the Eurozone, you won’t be able to spend your euros here and you’ll need to take Turkish lira with you instead.

If you’re wondering whether your holiday takes you into Northern Cyprus, it’s worth knowing that the area extends from the northern tip of the Karpass Peninsula across to Morphou Bay, Cape Kormakitis and the Kokkina exclave at its most western point. It extends down southwards until the village of Louroujina.

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What about Northern Cyprus?