Travellers Cheques – Travelex, Visa Interpayment & Thomas Cook Mastercard

Travelex stopped selling Travellers Cheques in 2008 and therefore some banks and agencies will no longer encash them.

There are however a number of other options available to encash Travellers Cheques.

Please be aware, for all encashment requests, a 7% service fee, per claim value, will be deducted from the final payment.

Holder Reimbursement

Complete the available encashment form and send it to our Peterborough office address present on the form.

Encashment form

If you are making a claim using a Power of Attorney or as an Executor for a deceased claim, the encashment form can be used.

If you would like the encashment form in a different language, we are able to provide this in French, German, Japanese, or Portuguese, please contact us so that we can arrange for the required encashment for to be sent to you.

Alternatively, Travellers Cheques can be encashed at a Travelex branch.

All UK Travelex branches can encash Travellers Cheques, however there is a maximum amount that can be processed per day, please check with the branch in advance.

To give you an indication of the rates that may be applied to your encashment please see the below table that shows the rates that would be used for any encashments processed today.

To make a payment into GBP, the value of your cheques will be divided by the below buy back rates:

17th July 2024

CurrencyBuy Back Rate
Australian DollarAUD$


Canadian DollarCAD$




Hong Kong DollarHK$


South African RandZAR


Swiss FrancCHF


US DollarUSD


If we are then required to make a payment into another currency after completing the above, we will then multiply by the below sell back rates:

17th July 2024

CurrencySell Back Rate
Australian DollarAUD$


Canadian Dollar





Hong Kong Dollar



South African Rand



Swiss FrancCHF


US DollarUSD


Lost or Stolen Travellers Cheques

If your Travelex, Visa Interpayment or Thomas Cook Mastercard Travellers Cheques are lost or stolen, you will need to contact our Refund Service Centre immediately, we will then be able to assist with opening a claim.

Alternate methods of contacting our Refund Service Centre are:

By email:

By telephone: +44 (0) 1733 279865 (Interpayment Visa) Option 3
+44 (0) 1733 279760 (Travelex, Thomas Cook Mastercard) Option 3

When emailing us, please clearly state your name, full details of the loss or theft, and your contact information, including telephone number.

Corporate / Business Reimbursement

This service is available when a corporate entity (for example a bank, financial institution, money service business, hotel and any business transaction) has accepted Travellers Cheques from a consumer and is now seeking reimbursement. As a corporate entity, you may present Travelex, Visa Interpayment or Thomas Cook Mastercard Travellers Cheques to Travelex by completing the available corporate due diligence questionnaire.

Corporate Due Diligence Questionnaire

All follow up enquires for our services can be sent

By email:

By telephone: +44 (0) 1733 279865 (Interpayment Visa) Option 2
+44 (0) 1733 279760 (Travelex, Thomas Cook Mastercard) Option 2

Alternatively, please review our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Travellers Cheques Encashment - Frequently Asked Questions