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Travellers Cheques

Travelex offers customers a mixed travel wallet including foreign notes, prepaid cards and American Express® Travellers Cheques. Travellers Cheques are accepted at thousands of locations worldwide, including banks and bureaux de change. Available in Travelex stores now.

What are Travellers Cheques?

Travellers cheques have been around since the 19th century, and offer travellers a secure non-cash way of taking currency abroad. First issued by American Express, most major banks now issue a form of travellers cheque, which is secured against loss, theft or damage. Each cheque carries a unique serial number, and users may exchange the cheques for cash in the destination currency at any major bank. Travellers Cheques are a good alternative for people who prefer not to use a credit or debit card, or travel with large sums of cash.

Benefits of Travellers Cheques


American Express Travellers Cheques can be replaced virtually anywhere in the world - usually within 24 hours.

Easy to Use

Travellers Cheques are easy to use. Simply sign the Cheques when you purchase them and be sure to keep a note of the serial numbers so that you are protected in the event your Cheques are lost or stolen. When you're ready to use a Cheque, just sign your name in the lower left-hand corner in the presence of the acceptor.

Worldwide Acceptance

American Express Travellers Cheques are welcomed around the world. They're available in Euro, Sterling or US Dollar (please check with our website) , and are accepted at a wide variety of shops, restaurants and hotels, as well as banks, foreign currency exchange bureaux and American Express Travel Service locations. You can also exchange your Travellers Cheques at thousands of locations around the world.

No Expiration Date

American Express Travellers Cheques do not expire, so you can save unused Travellers Cheques for your next trip. Just remember to sign your Cheques when you receive them and you're protected.

** Not all services are available at all locations, and are subject to local laws and cash availability.

Purchasing American Express Travellers Cheques

There are thousands of organisations worldwide that sell American Express Travellers Cheques. Please contact us, using the details on the Contact Us page, for details of your nearest Travellers Cheque selling agent. Some agents may charge a small fee when you buy your Travellers Cheques, whilst others will offer them 'fee free'. Ask your local selling agent for details.

How to use your Travellers Cheques

When you receive your Travellers Cheques

  • You must sign each Travellers Cheque once, as soon as you receive it, in the upper left-hand corner. This must be in your usual signature in non-erasable ink. You should only sign the Cheque again, in the presence of the accepting agent, when you encash it.
  • Please read and understand the Purchase Agreement. You can find them inside the wallet provided with your Travellers Cheques.


  • When you first purchase your Travellers Cheques, it is very important that you record the serial numbers of each Cheque. If you need to report lost or stolen Travellers Cheques, you will be asked to provide the serial number of the Cheque in question. Keep your list of serial numbers in a safe place and separate from your Travellers Cheques.

Encashing your Travellers Cheques

  • It is important that you make a note of the serial numbers of the Travellers Cheques as you encash them. Keep this record separate from your remaining Cheques.
  • If you visit an encashment location and they won't accept your Travellers Cheques, please contact an American Express Customer Service Centre. Visit for a complete listing of phone numbers for the country of your destination
  • You should only complete the date on each Cheque when you wish to use it, just as if you were writing a personal cheque.

Further Information

If you would like help or assistance, please contact an American Express Travellers Cheques Customer Service Centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To find a Customer Service Centre, visit for a complete listing.

Travelex, Thomas Cook Mastercard and Visa Interpayment Travellers Cheques

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