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Student travel with Travelex

Travelling as a student needn't break the bank.

Think you can't travel because you're a student? Think again!

At Travelex, we've got plenty of ways to help you get the best deals on your travel money, helping you to budget for that dream holiday - or cheeky weekend break in Europe!

If you need travel money for your trip, we offer our very best rates when you order your currency online. You can collect your order right from the airport, from one of our city stores or even have it delivered to your home.

For even more of our great deals, read on!

Get excited by Happy Hour

Get excited by Happy Hour

If you’re savvy about your travel money, you can pick up a great deal! We run frequent Happy Hour promotions where you’ll get an exclusive discount on exchange rates when you buy online between certain times. Sign up below to be among the first to hear about them!

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Get savvy with our currency cards

Get savvy with our currency cards

Supercard MasterCard® is our brand new card and app combo that can save you serious money on holiday. Simply link your Supercard directly to your bank card, and you can use it to spend abroad without any international bank fees.

If you prefer to budget before your trip, our Travelex Money Card is the perfect choice. A prepaid card that you can load up before you go, use it abroad anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.

Get transferring with Travelex Wire

Get transferring with Travelex Wire

Looking for a great way to send money abroad?

Introducing Travelex Wire: our brand new way to make your international money transfer. With Travelex Wire, you’ll no longer worry about how to send your money abroad – we do the hard work for you.

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^The exact fee depends on the amount you wish to send. For orders up to and including £300 GBP, the fee is fixed at £3. For orders over £300, the fee is computed as a percentage of the amount you are sending, and will be clearly displayed to you within Travelex Wire. All orders sent using SWIFT incur an additional £8.95 cost, which will be included in your quote. There are 11 countries for which SWIFT is the only supported delivery method (see our FAQs for countries).