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Travelling with kids

Everything you need for a fuss-free holiday that the whole family will enjoy.

Travel tips for travelling with kids

Travel tips for travelling with kids

A great family holiday is the kind of memory that we all remember forever...

So make sure that you give your children the best time possible with our top holiday tips to take the stress out of family travel.

Tips for flying with kids

Try to book a flight that means you’ll be in the air during your children’s usual naptime. A happily sleeping child means a higher chance of a mid-flight snooze for you.

Make the most of flight attendants. A quick ask and you’ll soon find that they often have a selection of crayons and colouring books on hand that are sure to keep bored little ones entertained with ease.

Check and double check that you have everything you need in your carry-on to feed and care for your kids whilst your main bags are safely stowed away on the plane. It’ll be a long flight if your little one’s favourite teddy bear is packed in your checked luggage.

Where to stay when travelling with kids?

Where you choose to stay on a family holiday can often be make-or-break, so it’s worth putting in a little extra research to find somewhere that will suit everyone.

Plan ahead and book family-friendly accommodation. Your little ones will love the kids clubs and children’s activities, and you’ll get to enjoy a little time to relax, safe in the knowledge that everyone is happy.

Think about renting a whole apartment or house – they’re great for giving you a little privacy, and enough space to unwind once the kids are in bed. Check out Airbnb, who have a great range of unique places to stay all over the world.

Get recommendations from other friends who travel with kids on the types of places that have worked well for them.

Looking for a luxury experience for the whole family? We like this round-up of child-friendly hotels if you’re looking for the comfort that 5 star hotel-stays provide, without the worry about young children.

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