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National Theatre & Travelex £15 Ticket Season

Since 2003 Travelex has been dedicated, in partnership with the National Theatre, to making the arts more accessible to the general public

National Theatre & Travelex £15 Ticket Season

Travelex’s founder, Lloyd Dorfman, has been a long-standing supporter of the arts and it was his passion which led to the start of Travelex’s relationship with the National Theatre. The pioneering sponsorship programme enables the National Theatre to provide four shows a year, where up to 66% of the seats are available for £15 to any customer, for any performance, without condition. Today almost 1.3million Travelex tickets have been sold over the season’s eleven-year history. 

The 2015 season is set to be one of the best with a hot line up of top shows:

Photo courtesy of Philip Vile. 

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