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    Smart gambling on the dollar slots in Vegas

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    A cab from Grand Central Station to the Empire State Building

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    Catch an LA Lakers game (for as little as)

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    Watch an IMAX showing at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd

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    Sip fresh coffee at Central Park

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How to get your US Dollars

Discover the most convenient way to receive your travel money through our range of delivery and collection options.

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Home Delivery

Enjoy effortless currency exchange with Home Delivery. Place your order online and have your US Dollars delivered directly to your doorstep, with Royal Mail Special Delivery. Free for orders totalling £500 or more.

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Store Click & Collect

Streamline your currency exchange with our free Click & Collect service. Simply place your order online and pick up your US Dollars from our stores. Enjoy a smooth beginning to your travels with our online rates.

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ATM Click & Collect

Secure your US Dollars with our free Click & Collect ATM service. Order your USD online with our online rates and pick up at one of our ATMs.

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More bang for your buck

The US dollar is one of the most dominant reserve currencies in the world and is also the main tender for several other countries or regions outside the United States, including the Caribbean, Ecuador and El Salvador.

Don’t be surprised to hear dollars being referred to as ‘bucks’ when you're out and about: it's their nickname! You may also hear 5 cent coins referred to as ‘nickels’, a 10 cent coin as a ‘dime’ and a 25 cent coin as a ‘quarter’.

Tipping is standard practice across America and you will be expected to pay up to 15% on top of your meal – or even 20% for upmarket restaurants. Thankfully, portion sizes tend to be very generous indeed, so you’re unlikely to feel short-changed!

Frequently used banknotes

The US dollar comes in seven different denominations – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills. As coins are nowhere near as common as they are in the UK, it is wise to try and organise your bills in order of value to save you scrambling around for the right cash.

*The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.
Travel Money Card for US Dollars

Travel Money Card for US Dollars

Another great option for spending in US dollars is our Travelex Money Card.

  • Safe and secure - the card is not linked to your bank account
  • Choice of 22 currencies, including US dollars
  • Seamless spending with Apple Pay and Google Pay 
  • Manage your US dollars effortlessly via the Travelex Money App
  • In case your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, our 24/7 global assistance team is here for you
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Common questions about US Dollars

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  • When’s the best time to buy US dollars?

    Timing the market for the best rates is a tricky business due to daily shifts influenced by economic data, global politics, and trader sentiment. Your personal travel schedule and market-watching comfort will guide your decision. We've got tools like our rate tracker to help you stay informed on US dollar rates. 

  • What countries use the US dollar?

    US dollars are accepted in the United States and territories, and in some other countries as a de facto currency, such as Aruba and Cambodia.

  • Can I use other currencies in the USA?

    In some towns in northern states along the border with Canada, you may find businesses that accept both US and Canadian dollars — however, they are very rare, and you can’t use any other currencies outside of these border towns. You’ll need to convert your British pounds to US dollars before travelling to America.

  • Can I spend US dollars as cash when abroad?

    Yes, cash is still frequently used in the United States. We would recommend a balance of cash for tips, taxis and little treats and the Travelex Money Card for peace of mind on larger purchases when travelling.

  • Can I buy US dollars with a credit or debit card?

    You can purchase your currency from us via credit or debit card. Regardless of how you buy your US dollars from us (online or in-store), rest assured, we won't impose any credit card handling fees. Please be mindful that your card provider might charge fees like cash advance fee, so it's advisable to confirm with them before purchasing your US dollars.

  • Can I sell my unused US dollars?

    Yes! With our Buy Back Promise we can buy back your unused US dollars notes at any one of our UK retail stores at the original transaction exchange rate up to a maximum value of £250, for just a fee of £4.99. Learn more about our Buy Back Promise.

  • Can I use my bank card in the United States?

    You have the flexibility to use your credit and debit cards across the United States, but be aware that your bank may impose a transaction fee for international card usage. These non-sterling charges can range depending on your provider.

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Whether you’re looking for dollars or dirham, we can deliver to your home or you can pick up from us in store.