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The United Arab Emirates is a country of contrasts in both its culture and landscape where you’ll discover a wealth of things to spend your dirhams on! We’re offering great rates when you order your UAE dirhams online.

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Buy UAE dirham with a Travel Money Card

Buy UAE dirham with a Travel Money Card

Another great option for spending in UAE dirham is our Travelex Money Card.

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How to get your UAE dirham

Discover the most convenient way to receive your travel money through our range of delivery, collection, and online options.

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Home Delivery

Enjoy effortless currency exchange with Home Delivery. Place your order online and have your UAE dirham delivered directly to your doorstep, with Royal Mail Special Delivery. Free for orders totalling £500 or more.

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Store Click & Collect

Streamline your currency exchange with our free Click & Collect service. Simply place your order online and pick up your UAE dirham from one of our stores. Enjoy a smooth beginning to your travels with our online rates.

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What to spend your dirham on:

  • *

    Soft drink in a restaurant

    2 AED *

  • *

    10km taxi ride to see the sharks at Dubai Mall

    18.5 AED *

  • *

    Paintballing at Zayed City

    180 AED *

  • *

    Entrance to Burj Khalifa in the afternoon

    200 AED *

  • *

    Buggy ride for two across the sand dunes

    695 AED *

How many dirham will I need for the UAE?

Please select your budget above.

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Total spending money needed:

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Must-sees in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai United Arab Emirates Persian Gulf luxury shopping ultramodern architecture
  • Dubai
  • Dubai is every shopper’s paradise, with over 70 shopping malls across the city. When you’ve finished spending, marvel at the grandeur of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Persian Gulf skyline modern towers
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi is a smorgasbord of old and new. The splendour of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is awe-inspiring, whilst the Manarat al Saadiyat art centre is a must for art lovers.
Sharjah United Arab Emirates Al Noor Mosque port skyline towers
  • Sharjah
  • Sharjah is home to the hustle and bustle of the UAE’s oldest market: the Souk Al Arsah, But you can also seek the tranquillity of the stunning white beaches at Ajman.

Key information about the Dirham

The United Arab Emirates Dirham is known by its currency code (AED) and symbol (₺). The currency began circulation in 1973 and gets its name from the word “Drachmae”, which translates from Greek to English as “handful”.

Spending and tipping in the UAE

Expect to pay premium prices for most things in the United Arab Emirates, especially in restaurants and hotel bars. Tipping between 10-15% is the norm, but only if the service is good!

In the many souks around the UAE (especially Dubai), the expectation is that you will haggle with the sellers. A typical achievable discount is 50%!

AED denominations

Dirham notes come in seven different denominations:

  • 5 (brown)
  • 10 (green)
  • 20 (light blue)
  • 50 (purple)
  • 100 (pink)
  • 200 (green and brown)
  • 500 (dark blue)
  • 1,000 (turquoise)

There are also a number of coins:

  • 1 fils (rarely used)
  • 5 fils (rarely used)
  • 10 fils (rarely used)
  • 25 fils
  • 50 fils
  • Dh 1

Try to keep plenty of smaller denomination notes as well as coins, as it can be tricky to get change from 500 and 1,000 dirham notes.

Find out more about the Dirham and its performance against the British pound here.

Common questions about UAE dirham

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  • When’s the best time to buy UAE dirham?

    Getting the best rates for UAE dirham can be tricky. Pegged to the US Dollar, the Dirham's fluctuations are more subtle but can still impact your travel budget. Use our rate tracker to plan your trip to the UAE's modern landscapes and traditional souks.

  • Where can I spend my UAE dirham?

    You can send UAE dirham in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Can I buy UAE dirham with a credit or debit card?

    You can purchase your UAE dirham from us via credit or debit card. When you purchase UAE dirham through us, either online or in-store, we don't apply credit card handling fees. Do check for any potential charges from your card issuer.

  • Can I sell my unused UAE dirham?

    Yes you can! With our Buy Back Promise we can buy back your unused UAE dirham notes at any one of our UK retail stores at the original transaction exchange rate up to a maximum value of £250, for just a fee of £4.99. Learn more about our Buy Back Promise. T&Cs apply. 

  • Can I use my bank card in the United Arab Emirates?

    The UAE is card-friendly, but using your card for AED transactions may lead to fees from your bank. See how the Travelex Money Card can help you spend abroad. 

  • Can I spend UAE dirham as cash when abroad?

    Cash is still frequently used in UAE. In the UAE, combine the convenience of UAE dirham in cash and the Travelex Money Card for a worry-free bigger purchase experience.


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*The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.