Brits turn to bartering to cut costs of holiday goods

21 Aug 2014

  • Over 60% of Brits have negotiated a discount on a purchase abroad
  • Almost 40% of holidaymakers have saved between £11 and £30 through bartering
  • Leather is the most popular item for Brits to barter on abroad

Brits are flexing their bartering skills to bag more on their holidays, according to new research revealed by Travelex.

A survey of 2,000 holidaymakers has shown that over 60% of Brits have admitted to securing themselves a bargain by haggling whilst on holiday1.

It comes as over one tenth2 of people have even admitted to choosing their holiday destinations based on where they can buy cheaper goods.

When it comes to getting as much bang for your buck, it seems Brits are savvier than ever with almost 40% of Brits having saved between £11 and £30 using their haggling skills whilst abroad3. Some Brits even admitted to saving over £100.

Over a third of haggling holidaymakers revealed they felt nervous when trying to negotiate a deal and one in five admitted that they were concerned when it came to the etiquette.

Results also threw up some interesting gender differences, with men more content on driving the price down on goods. Three times more men than women have shaved off over £250 on the full price of an item.

Topping the list of the most popular items to bag a bargain on is leather, with over a third4 of Brits looking to get a discount whilst on holiday. Handbags come in second with nearly a quarter5 of fashion-conscious Brits aiming to find their perfect handbag when on the hunt in local shopping districts. Jewellery was also cited as one of the most popular things that Brits had bartered on.

David Swann of Travelex comments: “Brits are really savvy when it comes to hunting down a bargain abroad. With countries such as South Africa and Thailand providing Brits with an extra 847ZAR (£50) and 1,639THB (£33) more on every £500 exchanged compared to this time last year, Brits can be quids in.”

With twenty per cent6 of Brits lacking the confidence to barter, Travelex has developed the Travelex Global Bartering Guide (hyperlink). It offers destination-focussed tips on how to get the best prices abroad, without causing offence.

The best places to secure a bartering bargain abroad include7:

1. Turkey
2. Spain
3. Greece
4. Morocco
5. Thailand

With over 30%8 of Brits admitting to feeling worried about their personal safety when bartering in markets on holiday, one of the safest ways to carry money is by using a Travelex Cash Passport. The prepaid card is chip and PIN protected and not connected to a bank account, making it secure against the threat of theft and fraud. With cash being the only accepted form of payment in the majority of markets, Travelex advise withdrawing small amounts and keeping the rest of your budget safe on card.

Top 5 items Brits are bartering on abroad:

1. Leather goods
2. Handbags
3. Sunglasses
4. Jewellery
5. Watches

- Ends -

160.15% - OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex
213.7% - OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex
337% - OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex
436% - OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex
524% - OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex
622% - OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex
7OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex
832% - OnePoll research conducted on behalf of Travelex

Download Travelex's Global Bartering Guide here

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