Pound strong ahead of May bank holiday

21 May 2015

It’s good news for those travelling to Europe this May bank holiday weekend.

Compared to last year the Pound is up 14% against the Euro, meaning Brits receive an extra €84 (£61) on every £500 exchanged.

David Swann of Travelex comments: “This weekend could be the perfect time to travel to Europe, just ahead of peak holiday season and with the Pound providing better value. Since the start of this year the Pound has maintained a steady position against the Euro, hovering around a seven-year high”.

The Pound has also strengthened in Sweden, Denmark and Norway with the Pound offering an extra 905 SEK (£72), 613 DKK (£61) and 843 NOK (£74) on every £500 exchanged compared to last year, making a trip to Scandinavia considerably more affordable for Brits.

Other destinations which would make for a relatively cheap getaway this weekend include Prague and Dubrovnik with the Pound up 13% against the Czech Koruna and the Croatian Kuna.

For those short on time yet keen to secure a competitive rate on their travel money, Travelex’s Click & Collect service means holidaymakers can lock in today’s online rate at Travelex.co.uk and collect their currency from the airport, just before they fly out.

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