Adele tops the chart as most desirable celeb to holiday with, according to new Travelex research

13 Oct 2016

New research reveals the most inspiring and envy-inducing celebrities when it comes to plotting our dream holiday hot spots

Travelex research released today has revealed Adele to be Brits’ number one celebrity choice to take on holiday, as she gives off the impression of being fun and down to earth – the perfect qualities for any holiday companion.

Celebs who give you wanderlust

When shown photographs of luxury celebrity holiday locations, the most envied among them were Elton John (Norway) followed by Rihanna (Turks & Caicos). Overall, Elton John’s Instagram photo of Trondheim in Norway with its panoramic views came out on top as the most inspiring (26%). Despite his lavish lifestyle, Lewis Hamilton was considered the least envied (3%) following a recent Beijing trip, choosing to share selfies over snaps of his beautiful destination.

Men more keen to holiday like a celeb

Despite being a celebrity obsessed nation, the majority of us have never tried to recreate a celebrity holiday (81%) however that hasn’t stopped us from keeping a keen eye on what celebs get up to on their regular trips. When it comes to celebrity holidays, the public are most interested in seeing the holiday destinations (30%), followed by the accommodation celebs choose to stay in (17%) which suggests they are looking for inspiration rather than to directly emulate an entire celebrity experience. Interestingly, men have tried to recreate celebrity holidays more so than women, with 26% of men admitting to doing so compared with only 12% of women.

Instagram’s biggest show-off

Based on Instagram photos, respondents selected Taylor Swift as the celebrity that looks like she had the best time on holiday this year. She holidayed at Rhode Island on the US East Coast and shared plenty of snaps with her adoring fans via her social channels. Taylor is particularly popular with male respondents, who say they would rather take her on holiday with them (12.5%) closely followed by Rihanna (12%). However Taylor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as she was considered one of the biggest holiday show offs by 10% of Brits, topped only by reigning selfie queen Kim Kardashian who nearly a quarter of people deemed the biggest show off when it comes to holidays.

Get luxury for less

A large part of any holiday, celebrity-inspired or not, is budget driven and planning how much spending money to take can decide the experiences holidaymakers have on their trip away. When it comes to planning a luxury holiday, Luxury for Less is the one-stop-shop for luxury holiday inspiration within budget. Not only does the site provide inspiration on location, together with Skyscanner, users can book their flights, hotel and get their spending money for their dream holiday, whilst factoring in the local exchange rate of the destination.

Vincent Arcuri, head of retail for Travelex UK, comments: “The reality is that there is so much more to booking a luxury holiday than just flights and accommodation. Often, many of us seek inspiration from the holiday destinations our friends and family have visited, but also from the celebrities frequently in the public eye. It’s also clear from the research that we aren’t considering spending money and exchange rates at our dream destinations. This is where Luxury for Less comes in – it does the hard work for you.”

When asked about currency exchange, most Brits said they plan their finances a week in advance (25%), followed by two weeks in advance (21%), yet over 14% don’t plan currency exchange in advance at all. Travelex’s currency exchange services can work for the ‘prepared planners’ – those of us that like to plan well in advance by ordering online (to benefit from the very best rates) or the ‘last minute panic-ers’ – those who do everything last minute and like to buy currency at the airport. 

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