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Cash Passport Prepaid Currency Card

The smart card to help you manage and carry your travel money abroad. Get yours today!

Already know the right card for you?

The Travelex Cash Passport is a great way to help you manage your travel money wherever you are in the world.

You can pre-load it with the available currency or currencies, and  use it anywhere in the world where you see the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark, just like your debit or credit card!

How it works

Step 1 Step 1-1 Step 1-2 Step 1-3

Load your card with the currency or currencies you need and lock in the exchange rate

Step 2 Step 2-1 Step 2-2 Step 2-3

Use it at merchants and cash machines where you can see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark

Step 3 Step 3-1 Step 3-2 Step 3-3

Manage your card online in My Account: reload, view your balance and much more!

What makes the Travelex Cash Passport different to using my credit or debit card abroad?

The Travelex Cash Passport allows you to lock in your exchange rate every time you load or reload your Card, so you can take advantage of a great currency exchange rate as well as knowing exactly how much you’re spending.

 Plus, it isn’t linked to your bank account, which reduces the risk of identity theft when you’re travelling.  

Now you just have to decide which one is right for you!

Multi-currency Cash Passport

Globe Cash Passport 

What is the Travelex Cash Passport? 

The Multi-currency Cash Passport can be loaded with up to 10 currencies at any one time, and allows you to lock in your exchange rate when you load, reload or move money between Currencies, so you can keep on top of your money. Plus, if you don’t have enough of the currency you are using, the card will automatically take from the next available purse in order to complete the transaction – now that’s smart!

Please note: a foreign exchange fee applies if you use the card in a currency not available on your Card, or you have insufficient funds in a particular Currency.

The Globe Cash Passport is a prepaid card that is loaded with British pounds. Your pounds are then converted into the foreign currency at the point of transaction, using the MasterCard exchange rate.


Please note: There is a fee of 2.49% applied to all transactions.

Is it right for me? 

If you’re looking for a secure card that allows you to lock in the rate so you know exactly what you’re spending, then this card is perfect for you.  

It’s also a great tool to help you budget; you can even use it to put a little aside each month before your trip (subject to card reload limits).

Please note: the exchange rate is locked each time you load, top up or move money between Currencies. You must use the card in a Currency loaded on the card in order to benefit from the locked in exchange rate.  

This card is ideal for regular travelers and anyone travelling to exotic locations. If you want a cheaper and secure alternative to using a credit or debit card, then the Globe Cash Passport is the perfect solution.

What currencies can I load onto the Card?

You can load 10 currencies:

-Euros -US dollars -Australia dollars -Turkish lira – New! -United Arab Emirate Dirham – New! -Swiss Franc – New! -New Zealand dollar -Canadian dollar -South African rand -British pounds  (not available to load here on

You can load the amount you wish in British pounds. This amount is then converted at the point of transaction 

How much does it cost?

Card purchase - free

Paying in shops and restaurants – free

Using in an ATM abroad – free**

Loading and reloading   – Travelex’s rate of the day

Notes: rate may include a margin/service fee.  Also Loads and reloads to your GB£ Currency wallet, a charge of 2% of the (re)load value applies. A GB£3 minimum charge may apply - please check at purchase location.

Card purchase - £9.99

Paying in shops, and restaurants – 2.49%

Using in an ATM 2.49%**

Loading and reloading – free

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Travellers Like You Love Using Cash Passport


"Setting the service up was explained simply, easy to follow and quick. Card arrived on time. Website and iPhone app really easy to use. The only way to pay when abroad. Exchange rates very competitive." customer


"I received great customer service and the whole thing was very straightforward. I booked my card online, collected it at the airport and then used it without any problems on holiday - easy!" customer


"Ordered a cash card and cash - was available for pickup on stated dates. Service at pick up was good - sorted in no time. I'll use Travelex again." customer

Travelex is rated 4.5 stars by Trustpilot based on over 18,000 reviews

How can I get a Travelex Cash Passport?

Order online, selecting the currency and amount that you want and then simply choose how you want to receive it: Collect in stores Home delivery

Already have a Travelex Cash Passport?

Nice work on already making a smart choice with your travel money!

Make sure you now get the most out of your card by logging into My Account and managing it online. You can reload your card, view your balance or move currencies on your Multi-currency card all from the comfort of your home, villa or airport lounge! 

NOTE:  Single Currency Cash Passport Card is no longer available to purchase on 

Frequently asked questions

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  • Is the Travelex Cash Passport safe to use?

    Very much so, it’s Chip and PIN protected and can be used just like you would your debit or credit card, however there is no direct link to your bank account and spend is limited to available funds that have been loaded.

  • Where can I use a Travelex Cash Passport?

    You can use your Travelex Cash Passport at millions of locations around the world, wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. 

  • Are there any countries or geographical regions the Travelex Multi-currency Cash Passport won’t work in?

    Yes, it is currently not possible to use your Travelex Multi-currency Cash Passport in a few countries and geographical regions.

    If you attempt to withdraw cash from a cash machine or use your Card at merchants in any of these countries or geographical regions, your request will be declined.

    The countries and geographical regions currently affected are:

    Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Crimea.

Need a helping hand?

Call us or email us, we’ll be happy to chat about the best solution for your trip!

Questions on Purchasing a New Cash Passport Card? 

Call us Travelex on: 0845 8727 627 (calls to this number are 2 pence per minute (the service charge) plus your network provider's access)

Got a Cash Passport Card already & have a question?

or call Card Services on 0800 260 0355 (which is free phone) when calling from the UK
or for a list of Freephone numbers to call from overseas if you have a Multi-currency
Card please click here or if you have a Globe or Single Currency Card please click here 

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Terms and conditions apply: 

Multi-currency Cash Passport

Globe Cash Passport

Single Currency Cash Passport