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Multi-currency Cash Passport

The smart and secure card that allows you to carry up to 7 currencies on 1 prepaid currency card.

The smart solution to spending money abroad

You can carry up to 7 currencies on just 1 card, giving you the flexibility of knowing that for each trip you have your travel money solution ready, using your existing Multi-currency Cash Passport.

You can load your Card with Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, South African Rand and British Pounds (please note you are unable to load GBP onto a new Card on this site. Additional fees may apply for GBP reload and usage - see Fees & Charges below).

Don’t worry about which currency you need to pay with in which country, the card is clever and will automatically pick the right currency for you. Plus, if you don’t have enough money left in one wallet then it will automatically draw funds from another one so you can complete the transaction.


Benefits of the Multi-currency Cash Passport


Chip and pin protected and not linked to your bank account

24/7 Global Assistance

Fee free replacement funds up to the available balance on the card if lost or stolen


use at over 33 million locations worldwide where you see the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark

Free ATM withdrawals

at over 2.2million ATMs worldwide*

Multi-currency card, the perfect travel companion

Peace of mind when you travel

Lady With Cash

The Multi-currency Cash Passport allows you to spend money abroad safely and securely. The card is not connected to your bank account, and is Chip and PIN protected. The card also offers Global Assistance which means that should your card be lost or stolen the 24-hour customer service team can get a replacement card and/or emergency cash sent within 24 hours.

This card is smart

Cash Passport Card

Your Card always knows which Currency to use without you having to do a thing. All you need to do is to keep it topped up with the relevant Currency. If you don’t have enough of the local currency on your Card then it can hunt through the other Currencies on your Card to see if they can cover the bill. Please bear in mind that you will incur foreign exchange fees should this occur. You can view these in the fees and limits table.

Already have a Multi-currency Cash Passport?

If you are one of the thousands of people who already own a Multi-currency Cash Passport then make sure you’re making the most of your card:

View your balance online Top up your card

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is a Travelex Cash Passport?

    The Travelex Cash Passport is a prepaid currency card which is loaded with currency prior to travelling to make purchases and withdraw cash whilst abroad.

  • Can I purchase a card for someone under the age of 18?

    Unfortunately not, secondary cardholders are not currently available on our Multi-currency Cash Passport

  • When will I receive my Cash Passport PIN number?

    Your PIN number is given to you along with the card when collecting your order. If you have selected home delivery, the PIN will be sent with your Cash Passport card and normally arrives within 3 to 5 business days.

  • How do I register for “My Account”?

    Visit and click on the link for My Account. Enter the first 6 digits of your Cash Passport Card number and you will be taken to another screen which will either ask you to enter a User Name and Password or your full 16 digit Cash Passport Card number.

    The first time you try to log in to My Account you will not have a User Name and Password, so please select 'Need a Login?’ to set your account details.

  • How do I activate my card?

    If you have ordered a Cash Passport for home delivery please call the Card Services activation line on 0800 015 0401 to activate your Cash Passport.

    In-store Cash Passport cards are activated at the time of purchase.

  • How do I Reload my card?

    You can reload your Cash Passport using a number of services.

    1. Reload online using one of the following:
    1. Return to any Travelex store in the UK and reload in-store
    2. Call Card Services on 0845 300 2449 or +44 1733 457630 (from abroad) and reload via the phone. Click here for more information.
    3. Transfer money via bank transfer with internet or telephone banking. Click here for more details.

    Please check for any fees or charges associated with reloading your card here

    Please note:

    1. A 2% commission will be charged for reloading your GBP on to your Multi-currency Cash Passport or single currency GBP Cash Passport online, by telephone or via internet/telephone banking. Commissions for reloading your Cash Passport in branch may vary per selling location.
    2. The Travelex Globe Cash Passport is NOT subject to a 2% reload commission charge.
  • How long will it take for funds to appear on my card after I have reloaded?

    Single currency and Globe Cards:

    Telephone within 24 hours
    Online 1 working day
    Bank transfer up to 5 working days
    At a Travelex store instant

    Multi-Currency Cards:

    Telephone instant
    Online instant
    Bank transfer up to 5 working days
    At a Travelex store instant
  • How can I contact Card Services?

    If you have a general Cash Passport query, or want to pass on any comments about using your Cash Passport, please get in touch using the following contact details:

    1. Email -
    2. Fax +44 (0) 1733 502370.

    For more details click here

The fees and charges are shown below so you can manage your budget throughout your trip


Card Purchase FREE
Load fee and Top-up fee (also known as Reload fee) When loading/reloading foreign Currency, exchange rates will apply. These rates may include a margin/service fee1
Paying in shops, restaurants, hotels and online (some merchants may charge a fee) FREE2
Using a cash machine/ATM abroad (some cash machine operators charge a fee) FREE2
Domestic (UK) ATM Fee (some cash machine operators charge an additional fee) GB£1.50 EU€1.75 US$2.30 
AU$2.30 CA$2.40 NZ$3.00 ZAR20
Withdrawing cash over the counter in a bank GB£4.00 EU€4.70 US$6.20 
AU$6.00 CA$6.40 NZ$8.00 ZAR50
Additional Card FREE
Cashing out at a participating Travelex store Check with the store at the time of cash out to see if a fee will be applied
Cashing out over the telephone(except in an emergency) GB£6.00 EU€7.00 US$9.50 
AU$9.00 CA$9.50 NZ$25 ZAR140
Shortfall fee (if the aggregated Currency balances or any Currency balance drop below zero) GB£10 EU€15 US$15 
AU$20 CA$20 NZ$25 ZAR140
Replacement Card FREE
Transferring money from one Currency to another Subject to an exchange rate determined by us and communicated to you at the time of the transfer
Not using your Card for a long time? If you don’t use your Card for 12 months an inactivity fee will be taken off your balance each month+ GB£2.00
Foreign exchange fee2 5.75%


1 When loading/reloading to your GB£ Currency wallet, a charge of 2% of the (re)load value applies. A GB£3 minimum charge may apply - please check with the store.

2 Merchant transactions and ATM withdrawals in a currency other than a Currency available on the Card will be exchanged to a Currency on the Card at an exchange rate determined by MasterCard® on the day the transaction is processed, increased by 5.75% (the foreign exchange fee).

3 If there are insufficient GB£ funds, the amount will be funded by converting the transaction amount into the next available Currency balance on the Card in the following order of priority: GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, ZAR. The foreign exchange rate used is the rate determined by MasterCard on the day the transaction is processed, increased by 5.75% (the foreign exchange fee). The ATM fee will be charged in the last Currency used to effect the ATM withdrawal. Some cash machine operators charge a fee.

+ If following the debit of any monthly inactivity fee, the Card Fund balance is less than the fee, we will waive the difference.

These fees and limits can change. You can find out more in your terms and conditions.

Multi-currency Cash Passport is issued by R. Raphael & Sons plc, pursuant to license by MasterCard International. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Maximum total balance at any one time (including all Currencies)4 GB£5,000
Maximum load and reload over 12 months(the most you can load onto all prepaid cards issued to you by us during any 12 month period, including all Currencies) GB£30,000
Minimum load and reload GB£50
Withdrawing cash from cash machines(some operators may set their own limits) GB£500 per 24 hours
Withdrawing cash over the counter in a bank GB£150
Spending money in shops, restaurants etc. (some merchants may set their own limits) GB£3,000 per 24 hours
Maximum number of Additional Cards 1
Card lifetime See Card for expiry date                                               
Maximum number of attempts when entering your PIN 3 in each 24 hour period
Maximum number of active accounts at any one time 1


Online reload limits (across all Currencies on the Card)

In one day GB £1,500
Within 7 days GB £3,500
Within 60 days GB £5,000


For example, if you reload GB£1,500 onto your Card in one day, you may then only load a further GB£2,000 within 7 days. Please note: the online reload limits listed above are subject to the total Card Fund balance already on your Card. Your total Card Fund balance at any one time (including all Currencies) may not exceed GB£5,000.


4 The amount that can be loaded/reloaded will vary depending on which channel you choose, i.e. online, in store, telephone or internet banking. Click here for more information.

These fees and limits can change. You can find out more in your terms and conditions.

Multi-currency Cash Passport is issued by R. Raphael & Sons plc, pursuant to license by MasterCard International. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Make sure you read and understand all of the terms and conditions for the Multi-currency Cash Passport before you buy your card

Terms and conditions

Multi-currency Cash Passport is issued by R. Raphaels & Sons plc, pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Inc.

Terms and conditions apply - please click here for more details

* Some ATM operators may charge a withdrawal fee or set their own withdrawal limits - however, Travelex will not charge you a withdrawal fee on ATM transactions

Online fees and limits may vary, and to refer to the Online Terms and Conditions for more information.