Travelex Rate Sale Terms and Conditions

A “Rate Sale” is a Travelex online promotion or offer which is available for a defined period of time, which could last from an hour to two days.

Travelex may offer Rate Sales to customers through email, social media or via their websites, partner websites or through partners.

Travelex Rate Sales are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. A Rate Sale only applies to online orders on the Website or the Travel Money App for the duration specified. Please note that due to the amount of time it takes for rates to be uploaded onto the Website and App, the Rate Sale may appear on the Website and App up to 10 minutes before the Rate Sale is due to start and 5 minutes after the Rate Sale is due to end. This is to ensure that the Rate Sale is available for the full duration of the promotion.
  2. A Rate Sale may apply to more than one currency rate at any one time, subject to the time limits imposed.
  3. In order to qualify for the Rate Sale rate all you need to do is enter the amount of the particular currency which is subject to the Rate Sale on the Website or on the App – the promotional rate will automatically apply to your order should you complete your order by clicking "Buy My Currency Now" within the time limits indicated.
  4. If you have not clicked on "Buy My Currency Now" before the Rate Sale ends, you will receive the following message: "A rate change has occurred, please check your order summary as it may have changed". Should you wish to proceed with your order you will be charged the new rate and not the promotional rate under the Rate Sale.

The “Rate Sale” promotional rates are preferential rates compared to the standard rate of the day on Due to constant market and currency fluctuations, the rates during the Rate Sale cannot be compared to another day’s rates.The Rate Sale prices may be adjusted without notification during the Rate Sale but will always be preferential to the rates otherwise available on the Website on App where the Rate Sale has not taken effect.