Buy Back Plus Terms and Conditions

Why take Buy Back Plus?

If you are travelling outside the UK and plan to return within 45 days, we can buy back your foreign currency notes at any one of our UK retail stores at the spot rate available on the day of redemption.

A spot rate is the rate in which foreign currency is sold and bought in the foreign currency market. This rate is not usually available directly to customers, but with our Buy Back Plus this rate, this rate is available on any leftover currency and without any fees or commission being added, subject to the Buy Back Plus Terms and Conditions below.

Buy Back Plus Terms and Conditions

1. These Buy Back Plus Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases of Buy Back Plus made in-store and online via our Website and Travelex Money App. Separate terms and conditions apply in respect of all other products and services available in-store and online.

2. Buy Back Plus is available only to Travelex customers purchasing Travel Money in the UK. Travel Money Orders are subject to our Travelex Online Services Terms and Conditions.

3. Buy Back Plus can be purchased at the counter of any of our UK retail stores when purchasing foreign currency up to the value of £5,000 for a fee of £4.99. For purchases online, it can be added to your basket at the time of purchasing your foreign currency. If you are buying more than one foreign currency, please note that a fee of £4.99 will be applied to each currency order -  that is, to foreign currency notes with the exclusion of Travel Money Cards, which cannot be used in conjunction with the Buy Back Plus. Should you decide not to purchase the Buy Back Plus for your entire order, please divide your purchase into two separate transactions – one for which you require Buy Back Plus and one for which you do not.

4. If your transaction is eligible for frequent flyer points or loyalty card points, these points will be awarded on the net value of your order (i.e. the total sterling value of the original transaction less the total sterling value of the Buy Back Plus transaction). Loyalty card points will not be awarded on the Buy Back Plus amount and all points will be processed after the 45 day Buy Back Plus time limit has expired.

For example, where a customer takes out £100 of foreign currency and redeems the Buy Back Plus on leftover currency of £20, points will be awarded on the amount of currency spent, i.e. £80.

5. All Buy Back Plus transactions are valid for 45 days from the date of purchase and are conditional on the presentation of the original purchase receipt or confirmation email (in the case of online purchases) and valid ID.

6. For purchases made online, please note that the 45 day period starts from the date of purchase and not the date on which collection or delivery of the foreign currency is made. If the duration of your travel is uncertain or is likely to be close to 45 days, it is advised that you purchase your foreign currency and Buy Back Plus as close to the date of your departure as possible, taking into account delivery timeframes if you opt for home delivery.

7. Buy Back Plus transactions can only be redeemed in respect of foreign currency notes (not coins) up to the total sterling value of the original transaction.

8. All redemptions must be made in-store. We are unable to process redemptions via our online service.

9. Buy Back Plus is non-transferable and only one Buy Back Plus transaction can be redeemed in respect of each valid transaction.

10. Due to the nature of the Buy Back Plus, once an order has been placed online and confirmed via email, or placed in store, we are unable to cancel, amend or refund the transaction.

11. We reserve the right to refuse, withdraw, cancel and/or change the terms of the Buy Back Plus at any time and with immediate effect, without liability to you, for any reason, including (i) if we reasonably suspect that your Travel Money Order / Buy Back Plus purchase has been placed for speculative gain, investment, or business purposes; (ii) if there have been significant fluctuations in the market exchange rate following the placing of your purchase; (iii) to ensure regulatory requirements are met; and/ or if your purchase fails our internal security checks.

12. If we do cancel your Buy Back Plus in accordance with clause 11 above, we will notify you of this as soon as reasonably practicable and provide you with a refund of the Buy Back Plus Fee.

13. Buy Back Plus is provided by Travelex Foreign Coin Services Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 02884875. Its registered office is Worldwide House, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, England, PE3 6SB.