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Are hotels in Croatia cheap? Accommodation options and prices

Croatia is a beautiful and diverse country to explore, and with the right advice you can have a fabulous trip without needing a huge budget. In this guide we explore different options on where to stay: cheap hotels in Croatia, budget apartments, hostels and more. We’ll help you get the very best out of your trip.

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How much should you pay for a place to stay in Croatia?

This is an approximate guide and prices do change regularly, but in general hotels tend to be the most costly option for accommodation. That’s not to say there aren’t cheap hotels in Croatia - it’s not an expensive place to visit. But there are cheaper options, including holiday lets, hostels and campsites.


The main considerations with hotels are the star rating and board basis. A five star hotel will be the most expensive - it’s the most luxurious option with the most facilities. You can usually find relatively cheap hotels in Croatia with a two or three star rating.

All inclusive is the most expensive board basis, followed by full board. Bed & Breakfast is a common standard, and some hotels offer room-only, the lowest cost option.

Holiday lets

Holiday homes and apartments, including B&Bs, often follow a star rating too. Prices range broadly depending on the property. A room in a private house will be the cheapest option, while a private villa with a pool will usually cost more than a mid-range hotel. Holiday lets are a good choice if you’re travelling as a group, as you can split the cost between you.


A hostel offers cheap, no-frills accommodation. You will often share a dormitory with other travellers who are backpacking in Croatia, although it’s possible to find hostels with private rooms. Bathrooms are shared and there is usually somewhere to buy or cook a meal. Bring a sleeping bag, as you usually pay extra to rent bedding.


Camping can often be the cheapest option, but be aware that campsites do vary a lot - large sites in holiday resorts that have pools and multiple facilities could cost more than a hostel. Smaller, more remote sites will be much less costly, especially outside the peak months of July and August.

Bear in mind that you will need to allow space in your luggage for a tent and equipment. Pack carefully if you’re flying, as excess baggage fees are expensive.

What are the best types of accommodation in Croatia?

The best type of accommodation will depend on the type of trip you’re planning and who you’re travelling with. Accommodation varies widely depending on where you go in Croatia - there will always be more variety in the best-known tourist resorts and cities.

Cheap hotels in Croatia are easy to find, and you can often pre-book your accommodation online before you travel. Here are some recommendations for different types of traveller and trip.


Looking for a romantic break in Croatia? Split or Dubrovnik are ideal, offering the perfect combination of a beach resort with a city break experience. Seek out a smaller budget hotel to save money, or an apartment for two. For the best rates, travel outside of the July and August peak period.

Small group of adults

For a beach break, explore private apartments and villas for cost-effective group accommodation in Croatia. But if you prefer city life, there are lots of hostel and hotel options to compare in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital - it has a wonderful mix of culture and nightlife.

Single travellers

As a single traveller you can’t share the cost of a hotel room or an apartment, so a hostel is often the cheapest alternative. It’s also an opportunity to meet other tourists along the way.


Backpacking Croatia is an unforgettable experience, with so many unique places to visit. A blend of hostels and campsites are often the cheapest and most appealing options - and you can usually find one or the other in each town you visit.

Don’t miss the spectacular town of Dubrovnik, a top destination in Croatia that many people know from Game of Thrones.

Traveller tips - how to find cheap hotels in Croatia

Lots of different factors affect the cost of accommodation in Croatia. Some of the main things to be aware of are listed below.

Tourist peak season

The high season for visitors runs from July to August, which means there will be more competition for accommodation and prices are often higher. Travelling in May, September and October still gives you warm weather - and you may find more apartments and hotels in Croatia cheap.

Local events in Croatia

Local customs and events can also affect prices. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is a huge celebration of classical music, theatre and opera in July and August, which again can affect accommodation prices around the area due to demand.

If you want to experience the festival, staying outside the city and travelling in can be a cheaper option. The city is less crowded before and after the event.

Popular destinations

The top tourist destinations in Croatia are Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Zadar, and Zagreb. You will find more luxurious and expensive accommodation in these areas - although there are still some cheap apartments and hotels in Split and the other resorts.

But for real travel bargains, explore lesser-known regions and towns. Istria, in the north of Croatia, is a good example. This unspoilt and charming region known for its undulating hills, charming hilltop towns and many seaside spots.

National parks

Croatia has some breathtaking national parks that are worth a visit and offer great value. Expect waterfalls, mountain trails, wildlife and caves, with a variety of accommodation nearby, including excellent campsites.

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Get ready for your big trip to Croatia! It’s a beautiful country with so much to offer for all kinds of travel experiences.

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