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What to spend your dollars on

  • A refreshing soft drink

    3 BBD

  • Taxi from Grantley Adams International Airport to Bridgetown

    46 BBD

  • Tour around Harrison’s Cave

    60 BBD

  • Three-course meal for two in Bridgetown

    150 BBD

  • Jet-skiing for an hour at Dover Beach

    200 BBD

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Must-sees in Barbados

Carlisle Bay beach Caribbean
  • Carlisle Bay
  • The vast beaches, like Carlisle Bay, make this island phenomenally picturesque. Head out to Needham’s Point for one of the best views on the island.
Rooftops bridgetown Barbados
  • Bridgetown
  • You can take in a little history in Bridgetown, which is home to the oldest Jewish Synagogue in the Western hemisphere. St Nicholas Abbey is similarly beautiful and rich in history.

A different kind of dollar

The Barbadian dollar has been around since 1935 and like its American counterpart it is made up of 100 cents. Keep hold of all the cents you get in your change, since these – like British pennies – are still useful for smaller purchases, such as drinks and snacks.

Service charges are typically included in your bill, so you won’t need to add anything onto this, unless your service was particularly good. In this case, you can leave around 5 BBD, or approximately 10% of your bill.

Commonly used banknotes

Banknotes for the Barbadian dollar are available for the value of 2 (blue), 5 (green), 10 (brown), 20 (purple), 50 (orange) and 100 (grey) dollar bills. The 5-dollar note features a cricket ball and stumps as part of the design, showing the strong British influence on the Barbadian culture.

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*The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.

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