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The land of stunning mountains, delicious chocolates, Emmental cheese and impeccable timing, Switzerland is a top destination for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Luxury comes at a price, so stock up on Swiss francs before you arrive!

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How to buy Swiss francs

Discover the most convenient way to receive your travel money through our range of delivery, collection, and online options.

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Enjoy effortless currency exchange with Home Delivery. Place your order online and have your Swiss francs delivered directly to your doorstep, with Royal Mail Special Delivery. Free for orders totalling £600 or more.

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What to spend your Swiss francs on

  • A bar of authentic Swiss chocolate

    2.5 CHF

  • A cup of fresh coffee

    4.7 CHF

  • A cheese fondue for two in a restaurant

    32 CHF

  • A day-pass for all zones on the Zurich metro

    33.6 CHF

  • A day tour around the beautiful Mount Titlis

    156 CHF

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Must-sees in Switzerland

Rathaus Town hall river Zurich
  • Zurich

  • Zurich is a beautiful spot at the foot of the Alps. There are stunning churches here, such as the 13th-century Fraumünster, as well as the Zurich Museum of Art and the Old Botanical Garden.
Geneve Lake Leman Switzerland Alps
  • Geneva

  • Lake Geneva is a beautiful spot set against a mountainous backdrop — the Alps, Jura mountains, and Mont Blanc can all be accessed from Geneva. While you’re in the area, take a tour around the fascinating CERN research centre or visit one of the city’s many chocolatiers!
Old city Bern Switzerland
  • Bern

  • Bern is an old medieval town that is now the de facto capital of Switzerland. While touring around the Old City (Altstadt), a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983, check out the Museum of Natural History.

Key information about Swiss francs

Due to not being a member of the European Union, the Swiss have held tightly onto their francs. Whilst there are four official languages in Switzerland (German, French, Italian and Romansh) only Latin is used for the inscriptions on the coins.

The Swiss franc symbol is fr and the currency code is CHF.

The Swiss franc is the only version of the franc still in circulation in Europe. Prior to the introduction of the euro, francs were also used in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Tipping in Switzerland

You’ll find a 15% service charge added to your bill in hotels, bars and restaurants - this is a legal requirement. Other than that, tipping isn’t expected, but if you’ve found the service really exceptional you can always round the bill up!

Swiss franc denominations

There are 100 centimes in a franc. The banknotes in circulation are:

There are also a number of coins:

  • 10 (yellow)
  • 20 (red)
  • 50 (green)
  • 100 (blue)
  • 200 (brown)
  • 1,000 (purple)

All four official languages are used on each note.

Swiss franc coins in circulation are:

  • 5 centimes
  • 10 centimes
  • 20 centimes
  • ½ franc
  • 1 franc
  • 2 francs
  • 5 francs

In Switzerland, the majority of payments are made in cash, even for large amounts, so make sure you have plenty of each note to settle bills of all sizes. Not all establishments will accept a credit card.

Common questions about Swiss franc

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  • When’s the best time to buy Swiss franc?

    Getting the best rates for Swiss Franc dollars can be tricky. Fluctuations in the Swiss Franc are often linked to its safe-haven status in uncertain times. Monitor our rate tracker as you prepare for the serene Swiss environment.

  • Can I buy Swiss franc with a credit or debit card?

    You can order your Swiss francs from us via credit or debit card. No handling fees are charged on your credit card when you buy Swiss francs from us. It's advisable to check with your card provider for any additional fees.

  • Where can I spend my Swiss franc?

    The Swiss franc is used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The franc is also legal tender in Campione d'Italia — an Italian enclave in the Lombardy region which is surrounded by the Swiss region of Ticino.

    Swiss francs are widely accepted in the German municipality of Büsingen am Hochrhein, though the euro is technically the legal tender here.

  • Can I sell my unused Swiss franc?

    Yes! With our Buy Back Promise, we can buy back your unused Swiss franc notes at any one of our UK retail stores at the original transaction exchange rate up to a maximum value of £250, for just a fee of £4.99. T&Cs apply.

  • Can I use my bank card in Switzerland?

    Yes, card use in Switzerland is common, but using your card for CHF transactions might come with additional bank fees. See how the Travelex Money Card can help you spend abroad. 

  • Can I spend Swiss franc as cash when abroad?

    Yes, cash is still frequently used in Switzerland. We recommend carrying Swiss francs as cash for small spends alongside the Travelex Money Card for larger expenses.

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*The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.