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  • Cappuccino in a local café

    2.5 BGN

  • One day card for all public transport in Sofia

    4 BGN

  • Entrance to the Museum of Natural History, Sofia

    4 BGN

  • Three-course meal for two

    40 BGN

  • Guided day tour of the 1,000 year-old Rila Monastery

    81 BGN

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Must-sees in Bulgaria

Cathedral Sofia Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • The Bulgarian capital of Sofia boasts stunning old churches, including the iconic, century-old Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. In the east, the Black Sea beaches near Varna are a treat for sun-seekers.
Natural rock Varna district Bulgaria
  • Varna
  • You can find both natural and man-made wonders in Varna. The Stone Forest is a stunning example of natural beauty, whereas the ruined Aladzha Monastery offers a window into the past.
Waterfall Dokuzak Strandzha Mountain Bulgaria
  • Burgas
  • Peace and quiet meets traditional charm on St. Anastasia Island, whereas at the Strandja Mountain you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views over the coastline in all Bulgaria.

A whole lotta lev

After redenomination in 1999, a new series of coins and notes were introduced – the fourth version of the lev since its birth in 1881. There are 100 stotinki to each lev; the coins denoting 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 stotinki are in frequent use.

As with many European nations not currently part of the euro, when Bulgaria might adopt the currency has been talked about ever since it became an EU member in 2007. Due to this, there are some establishments here and there – typically hotels in the bigger cities, that will accept payment in euros, but they’re not widely accepted.

Tipping taxi drivers is considered courteous, and you need only give 1 or 2 lev for a short journey. For tour guides, try to avoid giving them smaller coins as a tip, since this is sometimes taken as a rude gesture – again, 1 or 2 lev should be fine. The same amount can be given to bar staff (unless your service was poor), and 10% is a fairly common tip in a restaurant.

Frequently used banknotes

While the 1 lev banknote is still in use, it is slowly being replaced by the 1 lev coin, so the note form is not in common usage anymore. The 2 lev coin is expected to be introduced later in 2015, with the aim of replacing the 2 lev note.

Notes you are likely to use are the 5 (pink), 10 (olive), 20 (purple), 50 (brown) and 100 (green) lev notes. Keep plenty of 1 and 2 lev coins to hand so you can settle your smaller bills easily.

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