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What to spend your lira on

  • One-way ticket on the Ankara metro

    1.75 TRY

  • Entrance to the Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul

    30 TRY

  • Taxi from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Istanbul city centre

    40 TRY

  • Trip along the Dalyan River and Turtle Beach

    69 TRY

  • Scuba diving in Bodrum

    114 TRY

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Must-sees in Turkey

Istanbul Turkey Europe Asia Hagia Sophia birds
  • Istanbul
  • This fascinating historical city has been at the heart of Europe and Asia for many centuries, with the stunning Suleymaniye Mosque and Basilica Cistern to show off its rich heritage.
Medieval Citadel Ankara Turkey
  • Ankara
  • Turkey’s capital has both metropolitan and ancient sites as well as a vibrant welcoming atmosphere. Here you’ll find the old at Ankara Citadel and the beautifully preserved Roman Baths.
Bodrum Peninsula Turkey Aegean Sea sand beach
  • Bodrum
  • Beautiful beaches and historic monuments are found in this stunning pocket of paradise; head to Cleopatra Beach for some rest and relaxation, or Bardakci Cove for stunning views over the water.

The life of the lira

Turkey’s official currency is the lira, which has existed in various forms since the mid-1800s. The ‘new’ lira was introduced in 2005 (although it has not been called ‘new’ since 2009) and the current series includes banknotes to the value of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 lira. Each lira is made up of 100 kurus.

A simple currency solution for your trip to Turkey

Because of changes in distribution of the lira, we offer another option for anyone travelling to Turkey: the Globe Cash Passport. This is a card onto which you load your money in GBP before leaving. The money is then converted into the local currency of the country you visit. This card is usable anywhere that accepts MasterCard, making it a great and flexible cash alternative.

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*The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.

Another great option for your holiday is our Travelex Money Card. A pre-paid card that works exactly like your debit or credit card, take the stress out of carrying cash by loading all of your travel money onto your card before you leave. And if you underestimate how much you need, it’s super easy to top up your card online.

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