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Europe’s northernmost country is waiting to welcome you, with a rich historical culture to enjoy and, of course, the spectacular Northern Lights. With plenty of krónur in your pocket, you can experience everything Iceland has to offer.

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How to get your Icelandic króna

Discover the most convenient way to receive your travel money through our range of delivery, collection, and online options.

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What to spend your Icelandic króna on

  • One-way journey on the Reykjavik buses

    350 ISK

  • A cup of coffee to warm you up

    480 ISK

  • Entrance to the Open Air Folk Museum, Reykjavik

    1400 ISK

  • Overnight stay in an ice hotel

    2500 and 7000 ISK

  • Day tour around the Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall)

    8500 ISK

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Key information about Iceland’s króna

In one form or another, the króna has been around in Iceland since 1874, and the current series was introduced after revaluing in 1981. Iceland is the second-smallest country in the world by population to have its own currency.

The currency code for the Icelandic krónur is ISK, and its symbol is kr.

Denominations of the Icelandic krona

The principal notes in everyday use in Iceland are for the value of:

  • 500 krónur (red)
  • 1,000 krónur (purple)
  • 5,000 krónur (multicolour)
  • 10,000 krónur (blue)

Each of these notes bears the image of a famous figure from Iceland.

The coins that are in circulation in Iceland are

  • 100 króna
  • 50 króna
  • 10 króna
  • 5 króna
  • 1 króna

While there are 100 aurar to every króna, the aurar coins have fallen out of circulation, and the smallest value of the coin that is traded on an everyday basis is one króna.

Tipping and spending króna in Iceland

Most major debit and credit cards are accepted in the majority of shops and restaurants, with the exception of American Express.

VAT is included in the price of most items, but for most purchases over 4,000 ISK, you can ask for a tax refund form, which you submit at the airport before you leave.

You should keep a few 50 and 100 krónur coins handy for when you leave a tip. Having some 100 krónur coins on you will also come in very handy if you’re planning to use a hire car since you can use them to pay for parking

Common questions about Icelandic króna

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  • When’s the best time to buy Icelandic króna?

    Getting the best rates for Icelandic króna can be tricky. Economic indicators, commodities prices, and regional stability can affect the ISK, making our rate tracker an essential tool for your journey to the “land of fire and ice”.

  • Where can I spend my Icelandic króna?

    The Icelandic króna is only used in Iceland. You can’t spend this currency in any other country.

  • Can I buy Icelandic króna with a credit or debit card?

    You can purchase your Icelandic króna from us via credit or debit card. When you purchase Icelandic króna, either online or at our stores, we ensure no credit card handling fees are applied. However, it's wise to check with your card issuer for any potential charges they might apply.

  • Can I use my bank card in Iceland?

    When in Iceland, you can use your bank cards freely. Keep an eye out for any charges your bank might apply for transactions in ISK. See how the Travelex Money Card can help you spend abroad.


  • Can I spend Icelandic króna as cash when abroad?

    Yes, cash is still frequently used in Iceland. We'd recommend carrying a mix of Icelandic króna and our Travelex Money Card ensures convenience for your small and large purchases.

Need a different currency?

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*The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.